Curriculum Development Unit & Research Section Develops standardized training packagesrelated to the aviation industry & conducts instructional programs for officers from wider professional background within the aviation sector and beyond. The core activities of this department include;

  • Developing ICAO Training Packages (ITP) as required for maintenance of ICAO designation as Regional Training Centre of Excellence(RTCE) as per its mandate.
  • Ensuring that EASA remains current as per TRAINAIR PLUS Central Unit and meets all ICAO requirements as ICAO TrainairPlus Focal point.
  • Identify and prioritize courses for STP development, Review& adaptation andensuring efficient implementation process;
  • Working towards ensuring that where applicable, all EASA courses are Standardized and regularly revised;
  • Continuously evaluating and updating Standardized Training Packages for continued relevance
  • Coordinating Research and Development activities of EASA.

Courses offered by the section;

  1. Instructor Development Course (IDP)
  2. On-the-Job- InstructorsTraining Course (OJT)
  3. Advance Instructor Training (AIT)
  4. Training Developers Course (TDC)
  5. Training Instructor Course (TIC)

Instructor Development Course (IDP)

Instructor Development Course (IDP)

The main course objective is to equip instructors with the knowledge skills and attitude needed to for the preparation, presentation and course management making appropriate use of training objectives & tests in order to conduct both instructor-dependent courses using conventional course materials and material-dependent courses using STPs to TRAINAIR standards.